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Club DJ

DJ Ceesix is highly sought after Club DJ. 


This Award winning DJ has entertained 1000's of ravers in Night Clubs Nationally and Internationally, including the following:


  • Ministry of Sound, London

  • Indigo2, London

  • Tramp Night Club, London

  • Proud O2, London

  • Inc Club, London

  • House & Terrace, London

  • Club Colosseum, London

  • Yager Bar, London

  • Corney & Barrow, London

  • Ceasers, London

  • El Penol, London

  • Piccadilly institute, London

  • Bar Rumba , London

  • South Beach Bar, London

  • Roxbury Night Club, Croydon

  • Graneries, Croydon

  • Zanzibar, London

  • Angenda Bar, London

  • Gem Bar, LondonTemple, London

  • Candy CLub, Essex

  • Karbon, Glasgow

  • Radost, Prague

  • Jungle, Nigril, Jamaica

  • Assylum, Kinston, Jamaica

  • Club Privilege, Kingston, Jamaica

  • Totties Banjul, The Gambia

  • Southside Bar, London

  • Blend Bar, London

  • Sound Nightclub, London

  • Cameo Nightclub, London

  • Club Flex, Essex

  • Margarettaville, Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • Riva Lounge, London

  • Curve Bar, London

  • Corenette, London

  • Departure Lounge, London​ ............................

  • The list goes on & on


He has DJ'd alongside the cream of the crop and has created a pretty big fan base/following


DJ Ceesix has recently earned the title 'Heart Beat Of The Party' given to him by a Club Promoter after his performance at an Event.


Get DJ Ceesix at your CLUB

DJ Ceesix | London, England
DJ Ceesix | London, England
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